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Whether you are speaking, reading or writing, language is language. Who better to address the necessary skills for communication than a therapist who is specifically qualified in the development and disorders associated with speech and language skills? Tricia has the specific training for assessing speech and language development, providing intervention and documenting outcomes, providing strategies to parents and caregivers that enriches the communication in their everyday activities, and advocating for effective learning strategies for academic success. Our owner has the specific training for phonetic awareness, language formulation, memory skills, and reading comprehension. She specializes in the following:

Speech-Language Pathologist
  • Articulation remediation, to include Apraxia
  • language acquisition to include pragmatic/social and sensory skills associated with the Autism spectrum
  • Language and reading comprehension skills associated with Auditory Processing and Executive Function disorders
  • developmental milestones in play, fine motor, gross motor and literacy skills.

"Learning takes place through the process of communication.  Therefore, any disorder or impairment in speech or language does affect a student academically if it is left unaddressed."
—American Speech-Language-Hearing Association, (ASHA) Position Statement

Education & Awards

Tricia Mikula received a Bachelor of Science from Ohio State University and a Master of Science from Ithaca College (NY). She is licensed in the state of Ohio and holds a Certification of Clinical Competence (CCC) from the American Speech-Language Hearing Association.

After achieving Senior Speech Therapist status at the Columbus Speech and Hearing Center and obtaining three separate Clinical Advancement Program awards with Ohio Health, Tricia started her own practice in 2005. She currently serves Central Ohio with quality and personalized care to children with speech, language, and literacy needs.