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Why Speech Therapy

A child's ability to be understood and to understand is essential in building personal relationships and performing well in school. At Mikula Speech Therapy, our one-on-one speech therapy sessions provide instruction to your child, as well as to you, to help you both develop a sound foundation that will help them overcome speech and language delays and encourage learning. Please contact us if you have concerns that your child is not doing the following:

  • Speaking Clearly
  • Speaking in Complete Sentences
  • Following Directions
  • Not Engaging in Social Interactions
Happy Children

What We Offer

Don't wait and hope your child will outgrow a communication problem. Early spoken language disorders can result in problems with reading, writing, and learning. They also may lead to problems with social skills, like making friends. Early detection leads to early treatment. The earlier you get help for your child, the better. Our Speech-language pathologists (SLPs) help children of all ages who have spoken and written language disorders, and speech sound disorders.

Our instruction will center on your child’s abilities and learning style to overcome the inherent barriers that exist in their efforts to speak, read, understand and communicate effectively.

We offer intervention focused on learning the underpinnings that affect the acquisition of speech, language, social and literacy skills. This included assessment and intervention.

Our therapist also works as a collaborative consultant. Tricia advocates for your child in communicating with the school (teacher, therapist, intervention specialist), physicians, psychologist, and occupational/physical therapists to establish the best plan of intervention for them to reach their potential as a successful communicator and student.